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Santosh Sethia – Mother of Advika Bipin

“It’s been a year that my daughter has been going to Greenwood high preschool (Whitefield) and she has always been very happy to go to school.The curriculum Greenwood high school follows the different activities, way of evaluation, its reputation, teaching styles, recognition of child, the exposure given to children, are all the key aspects for a great school. Not to miss, the way Greenwood high celebrates its sports day, annual day and other events. I had never seen schools conducting these events in such high scale. I would first take the opportunity to thank all the teachers in Greenwood high preschool (Whitefield) who have really worked hard to bring out the best in each child.I would personally thank my daughter’s class teacher Ms. Sunandhini to make her feel comfortable, made her Nursery class cheerful and memorable. My daughter has learnt a lot from her school and has become a confident individual. I would surely recommend parents to once think of Greenwood high school while looking out for schools.”

Greenwood High Preschool, Whitefield

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